Press release "CEP"

New generation of Air Admittance Valve: lifetime guarantee against bad odours, gurgling and dumping problems!

Designed to comply with French regulations (certified by a DTA (technical application document), delivered by the CSTB) and European regulations (holder of CE marking), the new Nicoll Air Admittance Valve makes it possible to manage the airflow in drop pipes and provides ventilation while stopping the distribution of stale air.


It prevents dumping problems in gravitational drainage systems by allowing air to enter when there is a pressure in the water pipe, yet suppresses gurgles and odours.


Nicoll Valve: Performance with a lifetime guarantee!


Equipped with a silicone membrane with an inclined position of 40°, this new patented valve system benefits from complete seal. Indeed, it opens only when there is pressure in the drop pipe to allow air only to penetrate. This sealing for the system resides in the constitution of a silicone membrane, which combines 4 determinant characteristics:

  • flexibility favouring the seal;
  • antibacterial, preventing fouling;
  • hardness, resisting strong pressure;
  • frost resistant to - 20°C, which allows it to be used in attics.


Operating on an ingenious principle of opening and closing according to the controlled deformation of the membrane, the CEP is preserved from the up and down movements in an axis, which impact fouling and premature ageing of the product.


Using the widely-approved concept in the food industry, the sealing technique between the cover and the body of the CEP is based on the putting into contact and the nesting of "lips" located on the periphery of the two parts of the valve. This system by Nicoll makes it possible to squeeze out all risks of deterioration due to incorrect positioning, ageing, fouling or any loss of seal.


In parallel, this new valve benefits from an exceptional flow with direct airflow favouring the flow in the water pipes.

  • Flow of the CEP4050 (diameters 40-50): 11 L per second.
  • Flow of the CEP100 (diameters 100-110): 43 L per second.


Nicoll CEP Valve: Installation in an attic and in a sanitary environment! !


Practical, this new valve is great for use in attics, reducing installation time and suppressing seal problems of roof traverses and heat loss. Its unprecedented sealing system also allows for installation under the gully level. Functional, this CEP has an access point provided for maintenance thanks to its removable cover which provides access to the membrane or to the water pipe for rodding. The dual socket (40-50 or 100-110) is a guarantee for easy connections on the site. Aesthetic, its white colour offers the possibility of installing this CEP near a sanitary device.