Collective Housing

Collective Housing

The quality of life in collective housing is directly related to the performances of theequipment installed. The solutions developed specifically by NICOLL FOR BUILDING help to improve the well-being of residents



The air admittance valve prevents loss of siphon, waste pipe noise, unpleasant smells, and improves the overall flow in the drainage system.


In collective housing, the Belriv® fascia and soffit system helps to emphasise the architecture of the building thanks to its wide range of colours, while ensuring effective and long-lasting protection of the eaves.



The 33 mm half round gutter is ideal for draining rainfall from large surfaces.


For both heating and sanitation, Fluxo® is a multilayer pipe system with press fitting. This simple and modern solution saves time while limiting installation constraints.



The use of either the Chutunic® noise attenuator on a combined drainage system or the Chutaphone® noise attenuator on the separate system will satisfy the new acoustic regulations.



The efficient and discreet, Nicoll balcony drain recovers roof and balcony Stormwater.


The trap for limited mobility persons ensures that collective housing complies with the handicapped persons accessibility legislation and the French decree of 1 August 2006.The system is a drainage system for baths that can be transformed into a walk-in shower in compliance with the systems described by the CSTB accessibility manual«Installation of a walk-in shower».



With a great deal more models, as well as increased technical quality, ease of laying, improved durability, new design and different ranges for different regional architecture, the new Atemax range is a class apart from other ventilation domes.

A comprehensive range of roofline, integrating the fixation of the gutter. Made in PVC,  this system, to aesthetically protect your buildings, is composed of: Fascia boards and roof soffit, joints and angles, finished profiles, gutter brackets, universal fixing, and so on.


Sica floor drains with ready-to-tile shower board

Turboflow®2, high flow rate, co-injection technologie


The Connecto® is a wide range of modular drainage channels offering solutions to the problems of stormwater caused by rainfall, swimming pools, or overflows.



The Neolia® grid are of both modern design and satisfy the building regulations. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The Fluxol® underfloor heating system is able to benefit from all the advantages of the multilayer piping.

The worksite range of self-standing support frames satisfies the requirements for service duct installations and the fire regulations.



The Connecto® is a wide range of modular drainage channels offering solutions to the problems of stormwater caused by rainfall, swimming pools, or overflows.



The Sitar Docia® floor trap is an ideal product for hospital or retirement home walk-in showers. The Sitar trap offers high discharge flows and guarantees perfect hygiene thanks to its full inspection capacity. Its flanged system provides guaranteed tightness and ease of installation.


The Waterloc® is used for the temporary storage of urban storm water before it is gradually fed into the off-site drainage system, or returned to the ground when this option is available.


The Vodalis® gutter system consists of multiple functional and aesthetic details that make it a unique system.



The Ovation® gutters are characterised by their discreet and elegant design, maximum hydraulic performance and ease of installation.

The free-standing concealed system Ineo® is an aesthetic solution for the wall-mounted toilet. It ensures both reliability and ease of installation regardless of the site.