Accommodating students, teachers and staff in the best possible conditionsrequires that Nicoll designs both reliable and durable lasting products.



The Akasison® helps to manage worry-free rainwater removal. Due to its siphonic principle, pipe diameters are smaller enabling systems to be concealed in false ceilings.



The self-standing support frames in the worksite range satisfy the requirements for service duct installation and the fire regulations.



The use of either the Chutunic® noise attenuator on a combined system or the Chutaphone® noise attenuator on a separate system will satisfy the new acoustic regulations.



The Fluxo® is a multilayer pipe system with press fitting for use in both heating and drainage systems. This simple and modern solution saves time while limiting installation constraints. 


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Pluie, piscine, trop pleins, Connecto® est une large gamme de caniveaux hydrauliques modulaires qui propose des solutions d'évacuation des eaux de ruissellement.


The Connecto® covers a wide range of modular drainage gutters offering solutions to clients’ stormwater problems.



The Fluxol® underfloor heating system is able to benefit from all the advantages of multilayer piping.

The Waterloc® is used for the temporary storage of urban storm water before it is gradually fed into the off-site drainage system, or returned to the ground when this option is available.

With a great deal more models, as well as increased technical quality, ease of laying, improved durability, new design and different ranges for different regional architecture, the new Atemax range is a class apart from other ventilation domes.

The Kenadrain® range blends perfectly into the urban environment using gullies that guarantee both discreet and effective drainage: suitable for use in hostile environments and able to encounter high heels without damage.