Hospitals and Retirement Homes

Hospitals and Retirement Homes

The comfort and well-being of patients in a hospital or a retirement home are vital. The products specially developed by NICOLL FOR HOSPITALS meet all the applicable health and performance requirements.



The Vodalis® gutter system consists of multiple functional and aesthetic details that make it a unique system.



The use of either the Chutunic® noise attenuator on a combined drainage system or the Chutaphone® noise attenuator on a separate system will meet the new acoustics regulations.



The air admittance valve has been validated by the French CSTB for controlling over-pressures and under-pressures in home drainage systems. The air admittance valve prevents loss of siphon, waste pipe noise, unpleasant smells, and improves the overall flow in the drainage system.



The worksite range of self-standing support frames satisfies the requirements for service duct installations and the fire regulations.



The Sitar Docia® floor trap is an ideal product for hospital or retirement home walk-in showers. The Sitar trap offers high discharge flows and guarantees perfect hygiene thanks to its full inspection capacity. Its flanged system provides guaranteed tightness and ease of installation.


The connecto® covers a wide range of modular drainage gutters offering solutions to clients' stormwater problems.

The efficient and discreet, Nicoll balcony drain recovers roof and balcony Stormwater.


The Connecto® is a wide range of modular drainage gutters and channels offering solutions to the problems of stormwater drainage.



The Fluxol® underfloor heating system is able to benefit from all the advantages of multilayer piping.

The Kenadrain® range blends perfectly into the urban environment using gullies that guarantee both discreet and effective drainage: suitable for use in hostile environments and able to encounter high heels without damage.



The Nicoll 33 mm half round gutter is ideal for draining rainwater from large roof areas.


The Ovation® gutters are characterised by their discreet and elegant design, maximum hydraulic performance, and ease of installation.


The Akasison® siphonic drainage principle is able to accommodate high flows, thereby making it perfectly adapted to large roof areas.