Public Locations

Public Locations

Nicoll has developed products and solutions that are specifically adapted for use in RAILWAY STATIONS AND AIRPORTS and help to improve all places used by the public.



The Akasison® siphonic drainage principle is able to accommodate high flows, thereby making it perfectly adapted to large roof areas.

The Kenadrain® range is both light and sturdy, with composite or cast-iron grate gutters, resistant to UVs and chemical products.



The worksite range of self-standing support frames satisfy the requirements for service duct installation and the fire regulations.



The Fluxo® is a multilayer pipe system with press fitting for use in both heating and drainage systems. This simple and modern solution saves time while limiting installation constraints.




The Connecto® is a wide range of modular drainage gutter products providing answers to clients’ stormwater problems.



The Fluxol® underfloor heating system is able to benefit from all the advantages of multilayer piping.

The Waterloc® is used for the temporary storage of urban storm water before it is gradually fed into the off-site drainage system, or returned to the ground when this
option is available.