Shops / Logistics

Shops / Logistics

Every square metre in retail premises has to generate a financial return. The NICOLL SPECIAL SHOPS products ensure lasting performances and quality.



The Akasison® system reduces the diameter of pipes and allows systems to be installed to your requirements. It enables maximum use to be made of buildinginternal areas.



The Kenadrain® range is both sturdy and high performance. Its modern and functional design ensures it is compatible with the new trolley wheels and can be easily incorporated in traffic lanes.



The Waterloc® is used for the temporary storage of urban storm water before it is gradually fed into the off-site drainage system, or returned to the ground when this option is available.

The worksite range of self-standing support frames satisfy the requirements for service duct installation and the fire regulations.



Drainage manhole

The Romold® is a full range of manholes and inspection chambers suitable for use on all drainage projects.



With a great deal more models, as well as increased technical quality, ease of laying, improved durability, new design and different ranges for different regional architecture, the new Atemax range is a class apart from other ventilation domes.

The Chutunic® noise attenuator on a combined system or the Chutaphone® noise attenuator on a separate system will satisfy the new acoustic regulations.



The Fluxo® is a multilayer pipe system with press fitting for use in both heating and drainage systems. This simple and modern solution saves time while limiting installation constraints.