Urban Equipment

Urban Equipment

Nicoll develops products and systems for URBAN DEVELOPMENT that guarantee the highest level of quality, performance and safety. Our priority is to ensure that we offer our clients problem-free solutions.



The Nicoll 33 mm half round gutter is ideal for draining rainwater from large roof areas.


The Kenadrain® range blends perfectly into the urban environment using gullies that guarantee both discreet and effective drainage: suitable for use in hostile environments and able to encounter high heels without damage.



Drainage manhole

The Romold® is a full range of manholes and inspection chambers suitable for use on all drainage projects.

The Waterloc® is used for the temporary storage of urban storm water before it is gradually fed into the off-site drainage system, or returned to the ground when this option is available.


They can be used to assemble PVC, PP, PE, stoneware, concrete or fibrous cement pipes with diameters between 110 mm and 500 mm.