Neolia®, ventilation grid

Neolia®, ventilation grid


Ventilation grid Neolia®, a combination of regulatory compliance and design!

Air vents are required for protection and structural soundness as well as being an important part of detail and design. However, installing them in a dwelling is not an easy task. Thanks to its technical expertise and experience, Nicoll can now offer you a range of grids to suit all your needs.




  • Grid can be adapted to pipes of 100 mm and 125 mm diameter
  • Elegant, discreet design for interiors
  • Shock and UV resistant for exteriors
  • Cross-sectionnal flow area compliant with gas regulations
  • Developped in collaboration with "Qualigaz" (french company specialised in gas installation control)
  • Adjustable version available
  • Colours: white, sand, anthracite, stainless steel and wood
  • 100% recyclable



Combine style with regulatory compliance


French standards NF DTU 61.1 and NF P45-500 relating to gas safety require an air vent to be installed in any room that contains a gas appliance and set out the minimum cross-sectional flow area required for ventilation grids

A cross-sectional area of 100 cm² can only be obtained with existing products by using 160 mm diameter grids. However, this diameter grid is cumbersome and not very aesthetic. Nicoll’s new GDT grid was designed in collaboration with Qualigaz so a statutory cross-sectional area of 100 cm² could be achieved in a 125 mm diameter pipe.

The insect screen fitted to standard ventilation grids reduces the cross-sectional flow area by an average of 50%. The Neolia® insect screen has been designed so as to ensure the same cross-sectional flow area as the grid.



Technical solution for fireplaces and wood-burning stoves


The decree of 23 February 2009 sets out the minimum cross-sectional flow area required for ventilation grids according to the power output of the appliance (insert, wood-burning stove, etc.).

The Neolia® designer grid for 125 mm diameter pipes allows for a permanent supply of air and guarantees a cross-sectional area of 100 cm². It thus ensures compliance with regulations and caters for all fireplace or wood-burning stove types of solid fuel appliances. This grid is also recommended for new-build projects to create the air vent for the future fireplace. 


The NICOLL extra: adjustable grid for 125 mm diameter pipes  

A perfect match for all interiors ! 

Nicoll’s grid to a whole new level. The design of a traditional, natural ventilation grid is determined by its function. Neolia® range takes the humble ventilation Neolia lines. Thanks to its stylish appearance and the variety of colours and finishes available, fitting an air vent becomes a real opportunity to express the property owner’s taste. The colour of the grid can thus be matched with the door frames, whether they are made from white PVC, anthracite aluminium or wood. There is also the option of fitting an anthracite grey-coloured grid beside a wood-burning stove or a brushed stainless steel grid in a contemporary interior.  


The NICOLL extra: comfort!

The Neolia® range of grids has been specifically designed to facilitate the diffusion of air.


Old model
NEOLIA® grid